Sunday, November 24, 2019

Benito Juarez essays

Benito Juarez essays There were many websites that popped up while researching Benito Juarez on line. They were very interesting because most of what they had to say was very little. However, there was a lot of information on the things that are named after Juarez, like schools, airports, and streets. That is interesting but what I really wanted to find was his real history. Most of what I found said something like this. Benito Jurez was a Zapotec Indian who served two terms, 1861-1863 and 1867-1872, as President of Mexico. Jurez is often regarded as Mexico's greatest and most beloved leader. He is the first and only Native American to serve as President of Mexico. After finding so little information on most of the English based sites I had to go and do my research somewhere else. I went to Mexican based websites in an effort to find a lot more on Benito Juarez and his history. Benito Pablo Jurez Garcia was born in the village of San Pablo Guelatao, Oaxaca, on March 21, 1808. His parents were peasants who died before his fourth birthday. He worked in the corn fields and as a shepherd until the age of 12. Like many other Native indigenous this was the only source of income that they had. Until this day, the native tribes on Mexico only focus on the creation of crops to be able to survive. This is one of the reasons of why the Mexican government has had such big problems with the indigenous of Mexico. They feel that instead of working on their own fields, they should donate the land to a larger company and then worked for them. Benito Juarez did not want to continue this cycle and be at the hands of a larger system were all that he meant to a society was physical labor. He walked to the city of Oaxaca with a wish to educate himself and find a better life. At the time he was illiterate and did not speak any Spanish but only his native tongue, Zapotec. There were not many schools that were optional to th...

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